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We're pretty crazy, but that's what makes us UNIQUE!

The team at flashgate Ltd.

Each one of us is absolutely necessary, unique and with a different past. None of us studied at school or university what we are doing today, but it is a testament to our ability to fight and solve difficult cases in a practical way. We don't know 90% of the marketing terms, we don't wear ties and we don't promise miracles, but what we do is backed up by evidence and hard numbers. We are not for everyone and not everyone is for us, that's why we want you to know us as we are!

Julian Marinov studio photoshoot snimka



Julian has been doing photography for 10 years. In this relatively short period, he managed to establish himself and was recognized as an indisputable talent and authority in the field of photography in the territory of Spain and Latin America. His educational YouTube channel has over 200,000 loyal followers and admirers. He has worked with and for world-famous  names and brands that continue to trust him to this day. Since "too much is not enough" for him, he decided to return to Bulgaria to apply all the knowledge and skills he had acquired on his home soil.



Off-page & On-Page SEO

Tanya is the sensitive part of our machine. Impulsive and direct - her statements often create an incredible mood for everyone around her, but when she works, she is able to find, create, structure and execute anything she sets her mind to! She knows how to melt a heart or burn it to ashes (as needed). In order to feel complete satisfaction from a job well done, he always goes back and rethinks, finishes and refines everything down to the last detail. He often thinks about how to surprise, give a gift or just make a smile!



Subject Matter Expert (SME)

He is an idea machine. Kamen is one of those people who always find a way. He is responsible for creating web products and managing online advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads. Another of his roles is to hunt down Yulian Marinov to make him complete his assignments and make sure we don't expose ourselves to anyone. As a person, he is exceptionally good-natured and always ready to help in any way he can. His enterprising nature combined with discipline make him a person with whom anyone would feel safe.



Video editor and concept design

Stanislav is one of the most invisible in our team, and at the same time creates the most visible materials that our customers use. Photography, video editing and much more are the activities he performs on a daily basis. Extremely organized and focused, always on time with tasks and willing to push others to get moving! Thanks to it, we are able to offer the most complex services, which really distinguish us from all other companies in the industry.



YouTube channel host

Bozhidar stepped out of his comfort zone and agreed to become the face of a YouTube channel for a large Bulgarian brand in the field of information technology. His patience and organization are perhaps the most enviable qualities, apart from all others. He finds a way to multitask in his daily life, but that doesn't stop him from his hobbies - hunting and walking through wild lands.

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