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We're pretty crazy, but that's what makes us UNIQUE!

I'm Tanya and here I will tell you a little about myself

I achieve everything I set my mind to with a smile, perseverance and stubbornness. I don't give up easily and I never know exactly how to make my aspirations come true, but I always find a way to do it. In 2010 I obtained a Master's degree in Balkan Studies at Paisii Hilendarski Polytechnic, and immediately after that I enrolled in a 2-year Master's program in Diplomacy and International Relations at the same university.
Meekly studying and waiting patiently for the exam session to start just wasn't enough for me. The armor of the knight, comfortably circulating in the orbit of the "simple", has never suited me. Therefore, I used the vacations between academic years, not to breathe a refreshing breath of air, but to embark on new challenges. I worked for several consecutive summers in Greece: first in a building materials factory, then in a company selling natural stone products, and finally in a small pizzeria in a sunny coastal village on the island of Thassos. And so every afternoon I enjoyed   the amazing colors of the sunset, cup of coffee in hand and eyes fixed on the future. My mind was overflowing with ideas and my heart was overflowing with insanely bold dreams. Enough with the romance...

Out of the comfort zone

After graduating, I started working as an operator in a call center, and in the last few years I have been developing in a professional field with a radically different focus. I mainly deal with Marketing and SEO optimization. In the period 2011-2017, I managed to acquire solid knowledge and skills regarding the optimization of business sites, the conversion and analysis of social media marketing, link building, SEO copywriting strategies, the subtleties of successful business correspondence, the imposition of new brands, the use of various SEO tools for specific marketing purposes, etc. I decided to seek realization in this field, as it requires a continuous pursuit of updating knowledge, an affinity for dynamics, creative and unconventional solutions, and experiments.
My greatest passion has always been literature, especially poetry. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and have several publications in various online media. Photography for me is a hobby, but also another new world that opens up to me, and which I look forward to "conquering".


And now?

Julian and I are the perfect combination of a cool mind and determination combined with a hot temper and an affinity for adventure. Our hands turn your wishes into reality, and all we desire is to see the joy and satisfaction of the final product provided. We can't wait to meet you! Let us peek into your world and feel invited into ours. Trust us and come! It's nice here!

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