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What is online video marketing?

Being such a general concept, we will try to describe all possible options briefly, and then you can see examples of our work. The services we offer are based on the current trends and needs we find in business environments. We strive to create maximum return on investment with every action we take. Online video marketing consists of using video in a variety of formats that meet the requirements of each platform on which they will be used. Also, the videos we create take into account the culture of the specific platform they will be used on. For example: on YouTube it is important to give quality information, on Facebook it is important to be short and attention-grabbing, on Instagram it should attract attention even more instantly, but not be too informative. Taking into account these and many other details, our work consists not only in shooting a video, but also in developing a proper strategy that has a real effect and achieves its goals.

The services we offer

Video content creation

Additional services:

  • Development of a detailed and long-term video marketing strategy

  • Analysis and consultation for your current video marketing strategy

  • Resize and recycle old videos

  • Design a complete set of graphic elements for video marketing

  • Training on proper behavior in front of the camera according to the specific business model

  • Training on interpretation of YouTube statistics and optimization based on the statistics