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Why do we need it?

With the rapid development of technology today, text communication is not enough to create trust with a potential customer as it was years ago. At present, an invariable part of the image of any entrepreneur, business-oriented artist or self-respecting professional in any field is graphic representation. The minimum here is photography, and the next higher level is video. Unlike video, however, photos have a much wider application: from profile pictures for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - to (and even more importantly) website design and presentation, which aim to create security and trust.

In a number of cases, companies or entrepreneurs purchase stock photos that they use for advertising campaigns or other marketing purposes. This is a common practice that, dare we say, has a negative impact on the process of building trust with the potential client. We are aware that the majority of entrepreneurs usually do not plan funds in their budget for the investment in exactly this type of service. But if you and your business strive to attract quality clients with the aim of long-term partnerships, then we would like to work with you. Look at the results achieved by your competitors,  invested in similar content, and you will see for yourself the role of this service.

What is a personal business profile?

A personal business profile is a collection of photos (and in some cases video) with a very specific purpose. It can include: from profile photos, Facebook/LinkedIn cover images - to the perfect photos for a flyer or poster. All this should follow one line in terms of composition, color range, style and mood.

Instead of looking for external examples, you can analyze the situation specifically on our site. Entering our website, it is immediately clear to you who is behind our business, and to get there, at least a few of our photos have caught your eye. The perfect balance between professionalism, transparency and friendly attitude guarantees the full presentation of a business to its customers, as well as the achievement of the desired final effect. The very fact that you are reading this text is proof that we have held your attention for at least a few minutes.



Etalentum is a developed company today, but a few years ago, when they still called themselves a start-up, they approached us to create their business profile. Through it, they were able to present themselves at the required level_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and to find the right investors. To date, the company is engaged in innovative personnel selection based on artificial intelligence systems in order to select the best quality personnel for each demanding customer.

The story of "Topes de Gama" - when YouTube was not yet such a big trend, two Catalan entrepreneurs -  Jauma and Carlos - started one of the biggest technology channels , and today they enjoy over 2,000,000 followers and contracts with the biggest manufacturers. They used our services to create more intimacy and transparency with their followers. We documented a working day in their office, which is located right next to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Their inspiration and progress are a great example and motivation for every Start-up with high goals .