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If you have found your soulmate and want to share your happiness with the whole world... If you manage to keep the spark of true love alive for years and want to motivate others to do the same... If you just want to preserve the magic of that pure and raw emotion, the sincerity in the eyes, the strong feelings expressed in gentle touches- do it through photos. Trust us and we will recreate the beauty of your most intimate experiences in the most genuine and authentic way.

What is a photo session for lovers?

The photo session can be carried out in different locations that you associate with emblematic moments of your relationship. It can be in nature, in the city, at home, or any place that you both feel identified with and associate with pleasant emotions. The session does not necessarily have to be tied to a specific event (wedding, engagement, etc.) or follow a strict storyline. We are free to experiment with ideas and suggestions, listen to all your wishes and even shoot the footage in several different locations. The only thing that matters is that you feel as comfortable as possible and be natural, so that we can capture and recreate the real moments between you in the most honest and unadulterated way possible.

Why would you do something like that?

A photo session for lovers is a suitable gift for any couple who have decided to take their relationship to a new stage - it can be engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding. It is also a suitable gift for various festive events of a personal nature: St. Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary of the beginning of your relationship, wedding anniversary. What more exciting and special way to surprise your significant other, parents, friends or even grandparents? We are fully aware of the responsibility of the trust you place in us for the preservation of the most important life moments for you. Sealing and transferring feelings on a material medium is an extremely delicate mission and challenge for us. That's why we never compromise on the quality of the final product. Because for us it is a business card and an emblem, and for you - a sentimental gem with an atavistic character. And that alone is enough for us to give 100% of ourselves every time for the most perfect end result.