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A personal photo session or, as we jokingly called it, a "photo session for self-lovers", is a wonderful opportunity to see yourself in a new way and in a different light. The routine, the maelstrom of daily activities and duties, the strict schedule according to which our day is calculated, often depersonalize our true nature, make us robotic and make us forget who we really are. Therefore, we suggest that you use the pieces of selected photo material to assemble the map that will lead you to the treasure that represents your true self.

What is a photoshoot for self lovers?

Selfie photo session is a collection of professionally captured, processed and selected shots, portraying your essence in a charming, captivating and at the same time authentic way. It is easy to find an application of this type of photo material. Share and reveal yourself in a new perspective on social networks or use the photos for personal projects: website, blog. They will certainly help you to present yourself in a positive and impressive light to relatives, friends, followers, etc. If, on the other hand, you have decided to give yourself this photo session without a specific intention, but simply as a bow to your own ego and self-esteem, we will assist you with great desire and pleasure. In all cases, we guarantee a pleasant experience and a flawless end result.

Why would you do something like that?

Everyone needs a dose of vanity to fuel their self-confidence, and there's nothing wrong with that. A personal photo session is a great way to pamper yourself and gain extra self-confidence. Give it to yourself, a loved one or a friend, with or without an occasion... Surely these photos will remain as a pleasant memory that will bring smiles to your faces years later. As for what we will provide you, it can be summed up in one unforgettable and positive emotion: from the moment of filming to the effect of receiving the finished footage.


To achieve the perfect photos we always strive for, we follow a few mandatory steps. It is important that before we carry out the photo session, we have gotten to know you as well as possible at the level of the most characteristic features of your personality, style, tastes and preferences, temperament. For this purpose, we will meet live before the shooting of the shots at least once to discuss your ideas and preferences for: day and time, location, styling, concept and line that the shots will follow, as well as everything else that excites you. It is good to choose all these elements in the version with which you feel most identified and in which you recognize yourself best.