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Coworking space
in Plovdiv

If you often don't find a quiet moment to work, want to develop your own project, work remotely or simply need a place to meet with potential clients in the city of Plovdiv, then we want to help!

Motivated by our work style and entrepreneurial mindset, we decided to share part of our office space with you in the form of a Coworking Space service. We think that the way we work, create and develop would motivate anyone who would appreciate the opportunity to benefit from the atmosphere we have created for our own team. Our office is on the ground floor of a business building, in close proximity to the center of Plovdiv, two bus stations and a railway station. We also offer the option of paid parking at preferential prices.  Whether you are looking for a permanent place to work, an hourly office on certain days, or a unique place to meet with clients, our space can be yours. The so-called Coworking space service, also known as a place for joint work, consists in providing a comfortable working environment for the modern person. In this case, we do not emphasize an industrial setting, but a cozy space that makes everyone feel comfortable. Our goal is to offer access to everything an entrepreneur needs in service packages at reasonable prices.

What sets us apart?

  • Great Cozy atmosphere;

  • Location in a prestigious business building, with a hotel part, near the city center, central railway station, "Yug" bus station and "Rodopi" bus station;

  • The price includes not only all the amenities necessary for your work, but also many additional extras;

  • With us, the space provided for joint work is individually designated. i.e. more personal space is provided for each person;

  • Opportunity to work among proactive and enterprising colleagues who would motivate you to "grow" and develop.

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Какво ни отличава
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What do you get?

  • A workplace consisting of a chair, table, electrical supply, personal light, etc.;

  • Amenities including wired and wireless internet, free coffee or soft drinks, mineral water, printer/scanner and more.

  • Silence and consideration on the part of others;

  • Extended working hours from 8:30 to 19:30;

  • Need-based plans that give you flexibility and the ability to pay only for the time you need to work.

Какво получавате

Other services

  • Paid parking at preferential prices for monthly subscription customers;

  • Business and marketing consultation;

  • Professional photography and video for business needs, at discounts from standard Flashgate Ltd. prices;

  • Online marketing courses at preferential prices;

  • Access to accounting and legal services at preferential prices.

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Coworking prices and packages

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