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What is Business Event Photography?

There are many and varied events that companies organize with/for their employees on a variety of occasions: team building, company birthdays, Christmas parties, etc. These are precious moments in which the team comes together and everyone freely reveals themselves in an unadulterated way, outside the strict framework of the work environment. We're here to capture all of these: fun moments, big smiles, sparkling looks, dance moves and holiday cheer. We bring you full coverage of these events in the most epic way possible (and more)!

Why do you need this service?

Photos from such a business event have two main functions:

  1. Creating unforgettable material for your employees that they will associate with pleasant and exciting moments. This will make them feel more motivated, connected, valued  and satisfied. Footage of such events always lifts the spirit in the office and has a beneficial effect on both team relations and the work process.

  2. Providing marketing material that:

  • You'll create greater affinity between your company's social media followers and your team. Your customers will feel sympathetic to your celebration and will look at your employees from a different angle. They will see in a different and positive light those who serve them - as great people who know how to have fun; people who are not just colleagues, but true friends.

  • You will create specific marketing campaigns for specific dates or seasons that you can use for years. For example: why not use photos from your Christmas party to tell your customers about the special Christmas promotions that are valid over the holidays? Or photos from a team building in the mountains to inspire your clients on Monday morning, for a fresh start to the new work week?


We offer a complete capture of your business event in a way that will make the final shots suitable for both of the above purposes - that is, they will be both a good memory for your team and a perfect photo material for marketing aims.

How is it done?

Once you have planned and organized your business event, we will discuss step by step the program and the ultimate goal of the photos. In the process, we can   offer you small and extremely inexpensive details that would help create truly amazing shots. For example, a sparkler - for just a few pennies, we have a detail that will create dynamics and painting in the photos of an unforgettable Christmas party or birthday. At the same time, if presented in an appropriate way, these photographs will attract additional attention on social networks. After we have specified everything about the engagement, on the specific day we will appear in full team and with the necessary equipment. We usually arrive some time before the start of the event to plan our work according to the venue and space. We work until the end of the event and always give a warning before we finish so we can capture the additional ideas that usually arise over the course of the celebration.

Prices for services




Coverage of the entire event from start to finish;

Minimum 250 photos.