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What is a business press kit?

A press kit is a collection of photographic material, and in some cases video, with a very specific purpose. These can be: from profile photos, images for Facebook / LinkedIn, a cover for your official page - to the perfect photos for the design of your professional website that presents you to everyone. Often, successful companies send press releases related to certain company events or invite bloggers to mention them as part of their marketing strategy. For such purposes, professionally taken photos are always necessary to accompany the texts and details. All this should follow a line in terms of style, mood, color scheme and composition.

When you open the website of a serious and established company, all the graphic elements are well thought out and arranged, but this is especially true for the photographs that represent the team and/or the business activities. They should express positive emotions, security and purposefulness. It is necessary to respect the integrity of colors, style and radiance in all portraits that invite visitors to take the next step - to trust you as a customer.

Why do we need it?

Strong competition in every sphere creates the natural need to be something more, to stand out and be easily recognizable among our competitors. Being the best in the industry is no longer enough to be "chosen". Every company needs its own voice and its own words to create its story.

In many cases, companies take from the Internet or buy stock photos that look professional, but do not think that this breaks the personal connection between the heart of the business (you) and the potential customer. We are aware that investing in exactly such a service is not among the priorities of the majority of companies. Only those who strive to attract high-quality customers would invest in such content. If you look at the results that these companies achieve, however, you will be convinced of the meaning of the particular service.


We offer you not just photography services, but expertise gained from cooperation with various entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world. If you are currently feeling insecure and doubting whether you can really look as good and professional as the people you see in our photos, the answer is: YES! Part of our job is to understand your goals, find the most positive environment to present your team and how to present you - the real person behind your business - in the right way - the one in which we will not lie or pretend that you are something you are not. We know how to present you in such a way that you establish your brand in a new way, but at the same time radiate the energy and optimism with which to visually express the philosophy of the company.

How is it done?

Depending on the activity in question, often the most suitable location for photos is the work environment itself or the company office. We consider in detail what would be the right place with which your potential customers will feel identified. This is what will create a sense of comfort, trust and greater closeness to you. The confidence and pride with which your employees work and fight to achieve business goals should be emphasized - this is a very strong sign of the company's quality. After we have successfully completed the aforementioned, we choose a day and time convenient for everyone for a photo session, which we realize on the spot. Our service has no specific time limit - it can take us an hour, five hours or two days in a row. We always take the necessary time to achieve the result we have set for ourselves and this does NOT affect the final price of the service. After the realization of the photo session, within seven days you will receive your photos completely ready and professionally processed. We provide you with two different versions of the photos. One is a high resolution version intended for printing and future modification. The other is a version of the same photos optimized for direct digital use according to the client's need: resized photos for a Facebook page, Instagram profile, LinkedIn page, website, etc. You can post them as soon as you receive them. The photos will just fit where they are intended. They will look much better and at the same time be much lighter, which is especially important if they are used for sites.