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Contact us and let's talk about your business. We offer business and marketing consulting as a stand-alone service.

What to expect from a business / marketing consultation?

On this page you can describe your situation and in a telephone conversation we can help you as practically as possible, without this being any kind of commitment to additional services. From one consultation, you can expect several specific and detailed tips and recommendations on how to improve your previous results.

Content Strategy.png


Tips on how to improve the digital content you create for your business

Brand Strategy.png


Developing a strategy to address a specific problem or to achieve specific business goals

Content Strategy.png


Developing a strategy for how to use digital content strategically

Social Media Manager.png


Advice on the correct use of social networks, answers to customer questions and ideas for improving the brand.

Media Planning.png


Help in planning and structuring business ideas and projects for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses

Persona Development.png


Help with the development of personal qualities: self-confidence, speaking in front of a camera, negotiation and presentation of concepts

Prices and packages for consultation

1 hour

For one astronomical hour we can clearly analyze the specific situation and get advice with which you can take effective actions. In many cases, one hour is enough to resolve a specific case. Also, most customers book an hour first to make sure that the service is of good quality and according to their expectations.

BGN 50

3 hours

According to our experience, in three hours we manage to accompany the client in a given process, most often dividing these hours into three different days. In this way, we provide guidance, receive feedback and further develop the permit for more effective and long-term results. If the case is more complex, it is possible to use the hours in a short period of time, but most often, our clients prefer to have a weekly conversation in which we discuss the development and adjust the prepared plan.

BGN 140

10 hours

For a period of 10 hours, distributed in time according to the specific case, we can accompany the client in building a serious strategy through periodic conversations, which can be weekly or according to what is most practical in the specific case. Also, this option can also be used as a subscription type. In case you want to have a subscription, unlimited in time and at the same time to save on the consultation, we offer the option of more hours in bulk, which also includes a discount on the price.

BGN 400
Николай Чакъров - nchakarov.jpg

Nikolay Chakarov

​Today you can rarely come across a person who sincerely wants to help.
Youtube showed me the essence of Julian, and my conversations with him completely solidified my idea of the person on the other end of the phone. My consciousness affirms him as an exceptional professional, strongly devoted to his work and the people he works with.

Радослава Мичева - Мнение за бизнес и маркетинг консултация от Flashgate Ltd.jfif

Radoslava Micheva

Sometimes we also need someone to tell us the mistakes we make, and Julian directly told me - "I'm sorry to tell you, but you're wrong here, here and here". No one likes criticism, but that's exactly what I needed, someone to tell me where I'm going wrong to make things better. I am definitely satisfied with my consultation with him because people with more experience save us time and time is precious!

Алексей Киряков - мнение за бизнес съвети от Flashgate Ltd.jpg

Alexey Kiryakov

Business consulting here is on another level. Nothing like the expectations I had.

The long-term, extremely creative and thorough thinking is here.

Honestly, if you don't stop them, you'll end up with a bunch of ideas and directions that can even confuse you.

Consultation booking

Contact data

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  • The service can be used by anyone who is in a position to make decisions for the business they represent.

  • The guidance and advice given may not be sold on behalf of the client to third parties for payment in any form.

  • The current prices are those displayed on this page and are subject to change without notice, the price of the service being the current one at the time of booking.

  • The prices on this page are exclusive of VAT.

  • The consultation has a duration of 1 (one) astronomical hour.

  • In case of dissatisfaction, 100% of the paid amount is returned to the customer within 24 hours.


Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Bank transfer

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Revolut

Payment is made at the end of the consultation.

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